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4618B   Angel Table Lamp
3999A   Antique Bunny Figurine
04L0016   Antique Rose Small Table Lamp
4159   Apple Empire Lamp
F4261   Apple Lamp
110948   Apple Sentiments Platter
4610   Autumn Leaf Chalice Lamp
05L0042   Autumn Scene Empire Lamp
18069   Bass Chalice Lamp
15993   Bay Scene Table Lamp
093163   Bistro Couchon Chef Pig Figurine
115858   Bistro Couchon Chef Pig Salt & Pepper
4838   Blue Rose Bell Ruffle w/ Hurricane Lamp
0962251   Capri Shell Box Asrt/3
0962249   Capri Shell Cookie Jar
0961959   Capri Shell Plate Asrt/2
0962245   Capri Shell Plate Asrt/2
0961957   Capri Shell Spoonrest
4418   Carrot Bunny Figurine
14984   Chef Pig Antique Figurine
0962585   Chick Silhouette Salt & Pepper
081749B   Christmas Gifts Cardinal Santa Vase
081971   Christmas Gifts Pine Tray w/ 3 Bowls
081751   Christmas Gifts Pine Tree Platter w/ Bows
081978R   Christmas Gifts Red Ornament Plates 4pk
080011   Christmas Gifts Santa & Gift Bag Salt & Pepper
080010   Christmas Gifts Santa & Tree Salt & Pepper
5010   Chrysanthemum Empire Lamp
110303   Croissant & Jam Salt & Pepper
A23718   Doric Jug Large
4168   Dreamy Rose Regent Lamp
4180   Dreamy Rose Table Lamp
4250   Farm Scene Lamp
4249   Flower Lamp
F4248   Flower Lamp
F4264   Flower Lamp
F4255   Flowering Scene Lamp
110766   French Fields Tulip Bunny Egg Shell Basket
110046   French Garden Cabbage Platter
110044   French Garden Cabbage Salt & Pepper
110180   French Garden Lapin Carrot Dish
110173   French Garden Lapin Carrot Pitcher
110172   French Garden Lapin Pitcher
071202   Giardino Botticelli Artichoke Box w/ Spoon
071319   Giardino Botticelli Artichoke Salt & Pepper
070967   Giardino Botticelli Artichoke Teapot
071043   Giardino Botticelli Artichoke Tureen
071357   Giardino Botticelli Asparagus Dish Small 4pk
071425   Giardino Botticelli Asparagus Olive Dish
071355   Giardino Botticelli Carrot Dish Small 4pk
071317   Giardino Botticelli Carrot Olive Dish
071178   Giardino Botticelli Carrot Pitcher
071356   Giardino Botticelli Egg Plant Dish Small 4pk
071200   Giardino Botticelli Eggplant Box w/ Spoon
071426   Giardino Botticelli Eggplant Olive Dish
070943   Giardino Botticelli Onion Olive Dish
071352   Giardino Botticelli Vegetable Votives Asrt/4
4171   Grape Chalice Lamp
5014   Grape Chalice Lamp
05L0028   Grape Regent Lamp
4157   Grape Regent Lamp
15897   Grape Table Lamp
4183B   Grape Table Lamp
04L0025   Grape Victorian Double Light Table Lamp w/ Glass Beads
05L0020   Grape Victorian Double Light Table Lamp w/ Glass Beads
05L0038   Grape Victorian Lamp
13366   Harvest Leaf & Acorn Plate
WFC14001   Herb Decal Platter - Basil
WFC00108   Herb Decaled Egg Plant Box w/ Spoon
WFC00021   Herb Decaled Salt & Pepper w/ Tray
4355   Hummingbird Lamp
5028   Hummingbird Chalice Ruffle Lamp
05L0014   Hummingbird Empire Lamp
15756   Hummingbird Table Lamp
131003   Hunt Harvest Deer & Pheasant Pitcher
131004   Hunt Harvest Deer & Pheasant Teapot
131001B   Hunt Harvest Deer Platter
131013D   Hunt Harvest Deer Tidbit Dish
131002   Hunt Harvest Duck & Turkey Tureen
131006A   Hunt Harvest Duck Spoonrest
131013B   Hunt Harvest Duck Tidbit Dish
131007   Hunt Harvest Leaf Dish
131008   Hunt Harvest Pheasant Candy Dish
131001A   Hunt Harvest Pheasant Platter
131009   Hunt Harvest Pheasant Tealight Holders Set/2
131013A   Hunt Harvest Pheasant Tidbit Dish
131005   Hunt Harvest Sugar & Creamer Set
131006C   Hunt Harvest Turkey Spoonrest
4172   Iris Chalice Lamp
4158   Iris Empire Lamp
4185   Iris Table Lamp
7093A   Iris Table Lamp
04L0018   Lighthouse Empire Lamp
A23732   Lyric Jug Large
5012   Magnolia Table Lamp
6052F   Magnolia Table Lamp
F4346   Magnolia Table Lamp
110064   Mediterranean Shell Pitcher
110029   Monkey Salt & Pepper Shaker Set w/ Tray
15934   Morning Glory Chalice Lamp
4604   Morning Glory Lamp
15802   Ocean of Abundance Fish Cookie Jar
060161   Ocean of Abundance Shell Cookie Jar
A23724   Octagonal Jug Large
6235F   Old Fashioned Table Lamp
14896   Pansy Chalice Ruffle Lamp
3364B   Pansy Regent Lamp
4349   Pansy Table Lamp
16650   Peace Rose Table Lamp
7015B   Peach Regent Lamp
15989   Peach Table Lamp
GB11213   Peppermint Santa Cookie Jar
4391   Pink Flower Lamp
17015   Pink Rose Table Lamp w/ Beads
16109   Pink Rose Victorian Double Light Table Lamp
15994   Pink/Yellow Flower Table Lamp
16000   Pink/Yellow Flowers Empire Lamp
111158   Poinsettia Santa Vase
0962253   Porcelain Shell Box Asrt/4
0962231   Porcelain Shell Pitcher
4407   Prairie Scene Lamp
040265   Provence Antique Rabbit Figurine
0962211   Provence Rooster Salt & Pepper
4839   Red Rose Bell Ruffle w/ Hurricane Lamp
15958B   River Scene Empire Lamp
14893   Rooster Chalice Lamp
05L0034   Rose Butterfly Table Lamp
05L0040   Rose Butterfly Victorian Lamp
05L0041   Rose Butterfly Victorian Lamp
050538   Rose Lace Cake Plate
050524   Rose Lace Plate
104610   Rose Lace Sugar & Creamer Set
040581   Rose Lace Tray
131108   Spring Bunny Bows Vase
14922   Sunflower Chalic Ruffle Lamp
WFC13236   Tomato Box w Spoon
WFC13237   Tomato Salt and Pepper w/ Base
WFC13234   Tomato Tureen w/Ladle
104658   Toyland Christmas Tree Cookie Jar
4617   Tulip Table Lamp
060118   Tulip Three Section Server
093147   Tuscan Garden Asparagus Pitcher
093155   Tuscan Garden Asparagus Plate
093156   Tuscan Garden Asparagus Salt & Pepper
093158   Tuscan Garden Asparagus Sugar & Creamer
093148   Tuscan Garden Asparagus Teapot
093141   Tuscan Garden Cabbage Salt & Pepper
112192   Tuscan Rooster Antique Rooster Crowing Figurine
0962199   Tuscan Rooster Colour Figurine
0962257   Tuscan Rooster Salt & Pepper
0962212   Tuscan Rooster Teapot
4849   Violet Bell Ruffle w/ Hurricane Lamp
4169   Violet Regent Lamp
4345   Violet Table Lamp
04L0026   White Rose Chalice Lamp
040116   Wild Game Duck Covered Box
13557   Wild Game Goose Figurine - Large
13284   Wild Game Goose Figurine - Medium
13216   Wild Game Goose Figurine - Small
040110B   Wild Game Goose Tureen w/ Ladle
3886   Winter Scene Bell Ruffle Lamp
110379   Witches Spell Cauldron
17077Y   Zanzibar Monkey Banana Bowl

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