The Story of Kaldun & Bogle Ltd

Krist Kaldun and John Bogle were born in the later part of the 19th century when the world was waking up to a whole new way of living. Electricity, cars and scientific advances would change life dramatically. At the same time craftsmanship was also reaching new heights. The decorative arts were exploding with creativity. We think we live in a time of great innovation with the internet and all our electronic gadgets. In their time mass production made it possible for regular people to have the same luxuries as the very wealthy. Beautiful products became part of every household where they remain today as treasured heirlooms. Our grandfathers Krist Kaldun and John Bogle were part of this golden age. We are pleased to continue honoring them with our products. Being a family company we realize as with Krist and John this work is our legacy. The design and quality are to be keepsakes for years to come. We are blessed and very thankful to everyone who has and continues to help so much.
Stevens Kaldun Vaughn & Rodney Bogle Cone